I currently offer consultations by phone/Skype™ and this is the most popular type of appointment. This means you will have no need for costly travel and I can offer far more flexible appointments to suit your schedule, including some daytime, evening and Saturdays.

I am also able to offer consultations in your own home within a 20 mile radius of MK45. There will be a charge for petrol and time in addition to the consultation fee.

Contacting Your GP

In some cases, it may be necessary to contact your GP, prior to a consultation. Your permission will always be sought before contacting anyone else with regards to your treatment. For example, if you have a newly diagnosed condition or a complicated medical history, your GP may need to be consulted before advice can be given. This is to ensure that advice is tailored to you, and is safe and appropriate.


Do contact me to discuss any training needs you may have.

I offer sessions of length an hour, and up to half a day. These group sessions could benefit health professionals or those with CFS/ME and their carers.


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